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The Boy Who Lived… in a mini-series

I am a middle of the road Harry Potter fan.  I don’t know all the spells, and I can’t remember a lot of key names or which characters were pivotal for the plot points in the books.  I have read all the books (1-7) and seen all of the HP movies that have been released so far.


Year after year after seeing each movie I discuss with fellow fans the discrepancies between the source material and the film.  It is not usually a giant knit-pick fest, as like I said I don’t keenly remember all aspects of the books.  It’s not “hey, Neville didn’t give Harry the gillyweed” or something like that, it’s like “hey, wasn’t there this whole bit about the house elf liberation movement or something??” or

**SPOILER ALERT for those that have not yet read/watched Half Blood Prince***

“didn’t I actually doubt that Snape was good a few times in HBP instead of just basically being told he was ‘good’ as they so clearly did in the movie??”  Actually that probably hilights the problem right there: even a fan that does not live and breathe by the books still notices that something isn’t quite right with the movies.

Which leads me to my basic point here, are they going to make the dang books into a mini-series or what?  Because in my opinion, the story told in these books needs more time. If not a mini-series, then perhaps it can be made into a 45 min television show.  SciFi channel (or SyFy I should say…) has loads of shows that require a lot of special effects and makeup, so don’t tell me it can’t be done.  There are also cable stations that can handle the cost, like HBO or Showtime.  If not US made, then it still works, BBC has made loads of mini series!  Dr. Who has only been on for about a thousand years already!  Red Dwarf ran for about 11 years… so it’s totally possible.  The fact that the series is so popular should help to get decent funding.

This format is the perfect vehicle for the books, in my opinion.  There would be enough time to go through all the subplots and elaborate on ideas that are only mentioned quickly in the book.  The books are already broken up into years and obviously there is a HUGE fan base!  Making the movies made sense in a way, the books were mega best-sellers and the movies were the big ticket items.  Unfortunately all the flash and production money had to trade away some of the nuance and story.

So I hope that somebody is thinking about this because the end of the movie series is not going to be the end of the fans!  So who do we contact about this?



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  1. This has been my rant about the movies since forever. Especially since they had to gouge about 3/4 of the plot from the 4th book to fit it into a 3 hour movie. MINI SERIES PEOPLE.


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