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icheckmovies, youcheckmovies!

After my last post, I realized that I never even mentioned icheckmovies before!  It’s pretty great, if you like movies that is.

So, the site is pretty simple.  You join for free, then you check off movies that you have seen. Simple!

“Why would I want to go and check off movies I’ve seen, I already know I’ve seen them, I don’t need to show off, this is stupid!”

Because it’s fun!  There are 6 tabs, each tab with several movie lists divided into subcategories.  When you check off movies, you work towards completing the list.  Based on the percentage you check off, you get awards.  The awards don’t actually give you anything, except the joy of knowing that you’re making progress.  There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards.  It is a great site if you really like films and want to see some that come highly recommended.  They are not all art house films either, here is a sampling of some of the lists-

Imdb best of: (these are most main genre’s)

Sci-Fi, Action, 1910’s, – 2010’s, Independent, All-Time Worldwide Box office


Roger Ebert: The Great Movies,  The 1000 Best Movies Ever Made

Prizes: Academy Award Winners, AA Nominees, Cannes, Sundance, Ariel Awards

I’m going to stop there.  There are also AFI movie lists, a Criterion collection list, and numerous others.


You can comment on each movie, “favorite” it “dislike” it or add it to a “watch list” to save for later.  You can even add movies from to just keep track of what you watch.  You can also “friend” people on there, and send messages, talk about movies, whatever.

Let me know if you join, and I’ll friend you!





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