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Finally watching Firefly… any other suggestions?

Another mini-squeak for Friday!  Hope you are all having a great day.

So… I’m FINALLY watching Firefly, yes I know I am incredibly late to the party.  The catalyst for finally beginning the show even though my boyfriend owns the season is mostly because I’m trying to get a gold medal for sci-fi on icheckmovies.  But I had been meaning to watch it… really I was, but like so many other things it was lost in the giant pile of good intentions and forgotten whims that is my Netflix queue.

Now that I’ve watched about 4 or 5 episodes, including the two-part pilot I’ve discovered that I like the show.  Actually, I’ve been voraciously eating up the episodes.  I’m on ep 5, but I’ve only sat down to watch this show twice.  It surprised me that it drew me in so easily. I enjoy sci-fi, but my soft spot is with retro sci-fi and fantasy.  When something has a mention of military… my brain has the tendency to just shut off.  Of course there are always exceptions and you never really know about something if you don’t at least try it. I suppose my hesitancy with watching the show was because of the vague military factor in Firefly, even though I know it doesn’t take place during a war (at least what I’ve seen so far) or involve a lot of military sub-plots.

It is also nice to get to see Gina Torres as a badass, after first seeing her as Dr. Rand on Huge.  What a transformation!  As Dorothy Rand she was a stuttering, bumbling unsure of herself shadow of a woman.  Now I know what everybody on Fatshionista was talking about, she is indeed a great actress!  And can I just say, her hair looks gorgeous as Zoe Washburne!

Gina Torres, who you think you're intimidating?

oh right, me. Proceed....

These few episodes in, I have found a few reasons to pause and go “hey… that doesn’t make sen-” but alas, they are less frequent than I expected when I started off.  I suppose the Sci-Fi (or “SyFy” actually) channel has kept me prepared for the worst.

Now that I can see that the end is not too far away at this point, are there any suggestions for what I should watch next? Perhaps the new Dr. Who? Merlin?  It can be a movie, mini-series, tv show, whatever.  I’d prefer if it were at least available on dvd or online though, as I don’t have cable and probably won’t for as long as I can help it.

Also, a little added tidbit, I found this amazing artist – Jason Palmer who does GREAT paintings of sci-fi icons from film and television! Definitely check out his website!

here is a great painting of the cast of Firefly here

(apologizes if you’ve already seen it!)

Happy Friday (:


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  1. I just popped over from the retreat 🙂 Hi!

    I HIGHLY recommend watching Farscape. . . it’s such an amazing show and surprisingly funny!

    • Awesome, thanks so much! I haven’t had a television hookup for years, so I’m a little in the dark about t.v. shows, and I’ve never really watched much sci-fi tv (just movies) so I really appreciate the suggestion. I’m excited that the Jim Henson company worked on it too! I hope it’s on Netflix!

      hooray for the retreat!

      • I LOVE Farscape!
        Other movies: SOylent Green, Logan’s Run, THX1138, Space Odyssey 2010, The Abyss… just a couple.

        • Neato! So far I’ve only watched the first Ep of Farscape, I have a bit of a time watching tv shows that are 45+ min. It’s like such a commitment! even though it’s not really…

          I still haven’t seen Soylent Green! It’s like since I know how it ends it’s hard to find the motivation, but I love retro sci-fi so I should really check it out.

          I LOVE Logan’s Run! I own it on blu-ray!

          There is no sanctuary!!!

          THX1138 is also a good one, as is Space Odyssey, and omg I LOVE the Abyss!! I used to watch it as a kid alll the time on VHS! such a great movie.

          so cool we have similar tastes~


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