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My first ever OOTD

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So I decided that I’m going to start doing OOTD posts, to increase visibility as a fat person, and to show my developing style!  This is totally scary to me because I’m a bit shy, and I’m posting my face, and my sizes… but I think every post like this that goes up brings us closer to acceptance of different body shapes and sizes.  I also remember how revolutionary and amazing it was (and still is!) to see fat bodies, bodies like mine, posted proudly online. I also remember thinking…. DAMN THEY LOOK GOOD!!!

After getting into FA and HAES, I finally unlocked the door of my own personal taste and fashion.  Before, I always told myself that I’d wear “xyz” when I lost weight, when I would look fashionable, when my options weren’t as limited.

Then after getting into Fat Acceptance I realized that my personal style had sort of disappeared.  I had been hiding behind the safety and comfort of work clothing.  All the clothes I bought were for work, but I wore them on the weekend too.  This made me uncomfortable, because I was dressing in a style that in no way represented me, and I started to emulate that in my actions.

The idea of Fat Acceptance and Health at Every Size was so radical for me, it took a year or so for me to be ok with buying clothes I WANTED to wear, fat or not.  I realized that my fat body is a part of me, not something I need to rebel against.

It took time to get over the whole “well it disguises my hips/stomach/thighs/insert-hated-bodypart-here” thing though.  I ended up buying a lot of clothing (luckily a lot of it was cheap) just because it fit.  I was new to “plus size” retail, and it was hard for me to filter between items I admired for their beauty (but I would probably never wear), items that fit and were flattering (but not my style) and items that were what I wanted my style to be, but I was too afraid or intimidated to buy or wear them.

There was much trial and error, but finally I have began to cultivate my style, and finally feel like my clothing is simply accentuating my personality.  It is a GREAT feeling walking out the door knowing that an outfit is comprised of things that I love.  I feel like ME again!

So…. after that bit of rambling, here is my first ever OOTD.  Which was what I wore for my brother’s bday gathering last Saturday.

Bolero/cardi: B&lu years ago Size 2 I think (years ago)

Barely visible Belt: came on a Faith21 shirt, now they just call it Forever21+

Love Heart Corset: from City Chic size L (it was on sale for $19.20 when I got it!!)

Pants/Treggings: From Evans size 22

Shoes: Naturalizer size…. 8??

Ok so I am 5’3″ and around a size 18-20 on top and size 22 on bottom.  The corset top fit ok-ish when I first put it on… but towards the end of the night I wish I ordered a M.  It kept sliding down in the back a LOT and then it was gathered and overlapping in the back.  Might not be such a big problem on somebody who is taller than me though.  Even so I still totally love it and had numerous compliments that night!  What you might not be able to see in the pic is that the chest has a big bow on it, which is just adorable.

On a side note I just ordered the corset top last week, and JUST before I left for my bro’s bday, *a knock at the door* and it arrived!! I put it on ASAP and was in loooove.

What I feel that I’m missing is an accessory, and I have just the one in mind! This necklace from Domino Dollhouse will go perfectly! I ordered it on Friday though so I’ll just have to wait until next time.

omg I can’t believe I forgot to take the pic without my RED lipstick on.

Also, to come I think I’m going to do a haul post on my recent trip to Forever21 (:

❤ ❤ ❤

bye (;

Mandatory disclaimer thing: I don’t work fo any of these companies, I recieve no compensation or gifts for mentioning these brands.  It’s just stuff I like, honest. ❤


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