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OOTD – Wondercon 2011

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Believe it or not this was my first time attending! I don’t know how I’ve never been, I’ve been to APE!  Anyhow, it was ****magical**** I just wish that I had more time there! If I go again next year I will for sure get there earlier or stay later.

Anyhow, here’s what I wore!



oooooh wannabe model pose!



Also, what you can’t see from the pics are these awesome earrings I got from Domino Dollhouse!

Which by some magical coincidence match the buttons on the dress perfectly! And both items just happened to arrive the day before the Con!


ok, so

Dress: Forever21+ Dotted Button Front Dress size 3x

Bolero: B & lu size 2

leggings: Forever21+ size 2x

Earrings: Domino Dollhouse Bolt of Bright earrings in blue

(also available in hot pink!!)

Necklace: Domino Dollhouse Rococo Dots Necklace and Earring Set

Ok so let me talk a bit about the details, in case you are interested.  The Dots dress states it is “button front” but they are actually just for decoration, which is a relief to me, as a button up front of anything is usually a dealbreaker for me.  I have problems with the peek-a-boo sides, buttons popping open, popping off, etc.

Also, the dress has a nice rubberized liner at the very top of the dress, to help keep it up. The top is also elasticized. In the pics I am wearing a bra with the dress which I am covering up with the bolero 😛  However when I first got it the day before I just threw it on, no bra, no sweater and took the dog for a walk.  I felt totally supported, plus it is lined so I wasn’t too worried about my nipples poking anybody’s eye out.  I just threw the dress on, and it wasn’t until my arm was getting irritated that I realized it has a zipper on the side!  So the zipper was going down, and it kind of bummed me out… but then I realized that at the top of the zip is a hook and eye, to keep it closed, nice!

And the BESTEST thing about this dress???? POCKETS!!!!  seriously, they were total lifesaver at Wondercon.

The earrings I totally love, I mean what’s not to love?

The necklace…. I ADORE the necklace, here is a closeup (that I featured in an earlier post)

It’s like absolutely perfectly my style.  Only problem I have is with the earrings.  When I opened the package, the bottom of one of the hearts was already chipped! But I love the necklace and plan to wear it a ton, so I don’t want to return it.  I’m sure if I wanted to they’d be dolls about it.  So far I’ve returned 2 things to them and they were quick and really nice about it.

Oh, also! May I share a LOVELY piece of artwork I picked up?


hawt dog


I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just can’t stop loving it. It’s too good. The drama! The passion!! The mustard!!!

So the artist’s name is Joshua Ellingson and he has a website!

I passed up the chance to buy a print of a fat Wonder Woman and I can’t stop beating myself up about it ):  You can see a her on his website though.  Apparently it was made for a Fat WonderWoman project that I was totally unaware of until now! Well, I had seen one of the pics on Tumblr but that was it.

I also bought another print of his, but have no pic of it, it’s the Dia de los Muertos sugar skull one. yay!

Did anybody else go to WonderCon?? Share!


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  1. Oh I love me some polka dots! I love the way you’ve picked up on the turquoise buttons with the earrings. Cute look.

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  3. Oh yes! I have supplied a link to their website here:

    It is a great book!


  4. I got a really cool Super Born tattoo and B.I.B. T-shirt at WonderCon at the Super Born booth!


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