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Quickie post – my Forever21 Haul

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My recent haul from Forever21+

This was my first visit to an actual brick and mortar Forever21 store.  I’ve only shopped from them online so I was very excited to be able to feel items and try them on! The store I went to is in Milpitas,CA at the Great Mall.  The store was really freaking large.  Unfortunately the Forever21+ section was NOT.  It was a little area with about 4 racks, and a partial wall with some items hanging.  WTF Forever21!?  A giant store and that’s all we get?? FAIL on that part!  Another Forever21 just opened in Gilroy,CA at the Gilroy Outlets so I might have to check them out and see if they have a + section there, I think it would be a good size because there are quite a few fat lovelies there (I used to live there!!) but we’ll see.

Anyhow, I did manage to find a few goodies.

First item:

Surplice Tie Die Top:

So this is actually a top, but yo I’m at most 5’3″. So this is like a short dress for me! The material is like soft jersy and it is very comfortable.  The back ties behind the neck, and the  neckline in the back goes in a “V” just like the front! Nice and breezy.  I wore this once so far accompanied by black leggings that have exposed “ripped” looking sides, with a nice purple legging underneath.  It was a bit chilly and I didn’t want to wear pants so I figured this was the best solution!  I’ll post an OOTD as soon as I wear this again.

Tropical Halter Dress:

So the (somewhat) interesting thing about this dress is that I saw it online a few times and just never though much of it.  Then I went in store and for some reason it was completely different to me.  Dunno what changed but no matter.

I haven’t had a chance to wear this dress yet, but I like the halter top style, and most importantly the back is actually shirred!  I almost really didn’t think the dress was going to fit me, because it is made out of completely unstretchable material.  But I saw the back and hellllloooo shirring!  I think it would look fab in the summer, with a cropped cardigan or a faded denim jacket.   I think it might look pretty banging with either some killer yellow sandals or a nice pair of knee high- cream cowboy boots!  I have a lovely pair of yellow sandals I want to wear, but they are pretty tight on my foot… any suggestions on how to loosen them up? The length is fine, but the sandle bands are tight and not adjustable… I think they’re made of some fake leather…

last item!

Unknown Polka dot dress!

So this dress I got on clearance for $7.99 (!!!) so I couldn’t find any professional pics of it.  It looks somewhat similar to the dress I wore to WonderCon, except it has a tie back and I think it’s shorter.  It’s nice and demure looking… could go well with a cream colored cropped cardi (or bare!) or played up for fun with a hot pink cardi or something along those lines…  I haven’t had a chance to wear this one either, but as it’s getting warmer I think these three lovelies will be in my heavy rotation pile!

What do you think?


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  1. I’m sad to hear the forever 21+ section is smaller now! It use to be a fairly large size in comparison to the shop.


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