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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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So I’m sure everybody already knows all this but Stephen Chbosky’s novel “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is being made into a film. right now. AS YOU ARE READING THIS!!

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I was ever so excited to see who two members of the cast are!  The lovely Emma Watson is starring as Sam.

She looks like Twiggy here ❤

I think this is a pretty cool choice.  Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad one.  I also think it’s a great move for Watson, as Sam is a fairly different character than Hermione and of course the plot and content are completely different (with the exception of it revolving around kids in school).

The part of “Charlie” is being played by Logan Lerman who I have little familiarity with.

So that’s a wash for me, clean slate!  Often I think that clean slate’s are really the best when going to see a movie because there are no pretenses about the performance, and no lingering shadows of past characters to get in the way.

And the most recent edition is………. Mae Whitman aka the 4th Evil Ex aka Roxy Richter!

She will be playing Mary Elizabeth.  I’m glad to see Mae getting some more film action!

So who is playing Patrick???? I don’t know! But I’m sure there are plenty of young strapping boys/men that can fit the bill.

So has anybody read the book? I read it in 2001 and I loved it. I’m planning on reading it again because I have a poor memory and that’s the kind of thing I like to do!

All in all I’m pretty excited this movie is being made because if it’s done right I think it will be a great film for teenagers.  I wish I had been able to read the book when I was in high school.


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