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OOTD – Art Gallery Opening

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OOTD – Art Gallery Opening

So yesterday my bf had the opening for his BFA Art show!  He had a good turnout and it was awesome to see all the friends and family that came by to support him! A big thank you to all that attended!

The title of his show is “The Nukular Family”.  Here is his artist statement:

The spirit of the United States in the 1950’s was one of new ideas, technology and possibilities. One of these ideas was the “nuclear family” which defined the emerging focus on home making and family building. The nuclear family expressed a renewed interest in/ return to family values and the roles of the individuals that comprised that family unit: father, mother, son, and daughter. It is the gender stereotyping and the ways that society at the time encouraged this that I am showcasing with this project.

I am using the vacuum tube to display typical ideas associated with gender roles in the family during the 1950’s. The tubes also show how the technology of the time created new opportunities while at the same time reinforcing the gender stereotypes that were being promoted by a return to the “nuclear family”. The vacuum tubes create a space where the individual is only free to expand within a boundary that was created by emerging devices, social structures and lifestyles.

Technology opens up new possibilities and society can use this to stereotype individuals based on what kinds of devices they choose to use. This combined with an individual’s perceived place in society can further box them into a role that does not reflect who they really are or what they are capable of doing. There are consequences when technology and society interact and exert negative influence on the individual.

I wish I had the graphic from his flier, but my email ate it.  His show was really cool and I really like the theme he came up with.

We were in a big hurry before the show to setup the food table and get through traffic. Luckily my order from Domino Dollhouse had arrived the week before and had the perfect dress for the occasion!

The Sally Sparrow dress!

Dress: Domino Dollhouse Sally Sparrow Dress – Size 2X

Cropped Cardigan: ancient find from Ross

everything else: ya seen!

So I really like this outfit.  I promised you color, and I hope I delivered!  I wish I would’ve taken a pic with the cardigan off so you could see the detail on the dress… but like I said we were running behind, and I was really grateful to get any pics (thanks Danno!).

Isn’t it so delicious!?  I love the sparrows on the shoulders, and the little ruffle frill on the neck.

So my only problem with this dress was the length, and that’s really no biggie.  I’m about 5’3″ and this dress came down to about my knees.  That’s why I’m wearing it with a belt!  I put the belt on, then pulled the dress up and under it, wallah! all better!  The material feels a little bit thin, but it’s not see through so that’s ok.  It’ll make it nicer in summer too when it gets hot, to have a nice light breathable frock on (:

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!

❤ ❤ ❤


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  1. Very stylish & pretty! Don’t you just love Domino Dollhouse?! I have a few of their items myself.

    I didn’t notice the sparrow details before – how cool is that?!

    • yes, I really do love Domino Dollhouse. I pretty much want all the clothes on their site. I was wildly excited when I found out about them! My only complaint is that some of the really cute stuff is only available in Jr’s plus size, and others to a 3x. They still have stuff that fits me, but it would be nice if they went up to say…. like a 6x!
      Otherwise I pretty much want to go steady with em. ❤

  2. i love your use of color and matching the dress with an awesome blue. 🙂

    • thanks! ❤
      I've been trying to wear more color lately. I've been loving belts to death too, but I only have black! I just ordered a red one, so hopefully that will open up more possibilities. I'd like to have a belt in every color of the rainbow! Maybe I should just start making my own.


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