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Technicolor Dreamboats: A few Spring and Summer picks

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Technicolor Dreamboats: A few Spring and Summer picks

Now that it is starting to get a little bit warmer I’m looking forward to light summery clothing.  I do not tolerate heat well, so I’m always looking for the lightest clothing possible in summer, and I will wear dresses as much as I can.

I’ve noticed that a lot of my daily wardrobe consists of black and grey.
This is mostly because I buy clothes that I try to buy clothes that I might be able to wear to work too.  That helps me justify buying new clothes sometimes…  But I do love color!  I just have a harder time justifying buying something that I’ll only wear on the weekend.
That doesn’t mean I can’t still daydream and lust after these items!  Here are a few recent <3’s

This is the “yellow ditsy stud dress” from Dorothy Perkins. First off, I love that this dress has pockets.  The print is fun and I love the yellow and blue together.  It has a nice shape too with it’s rouched waist, which can also make a dress a lot more comfortable.  I’m not wild about the studs, but they do add a bit of fanciness if you want to take the dress in that direction.  I can see this dress with a faded jean jacket, camel colored belt and a nice pair of flats. Or with a red belt to push the color even further!  The dress can be found here. Unfortunately it looks like this dress is only available up to size L/XL so I definitely won’t be buying it.

Here is another gorgeous dress from Dorothy Perkins! This dress really doesn’t need much else… just a sassy body to fill it!  Dress can be found here

This shirt is really cute for a pop of color.  I love how it is playful with bright colors, but has a conservative cut. It is available on sale here at Missphit Clothing.  I imagine this with painted on dark wash skinny jeans and maybe a blazer.

I like this lace/ditsy mix in this top. I see this is as an alternative to wearing a romper. Maybe with some bright red shades and/or lipstick, and jean shorts…

This dress is simple and sweet, with just a little flair.  I love the off-the-shoulder straps. It would look sweet with a denim jacket or a cardi. You can find it here at Missphit Clothing It is also available in yellow!  Both would look really cute with a scarf/headband.

Ahhhh… casual tank.  It’s a nice alterative to a plain solid tank, while still keeping the laid back style. Great worn with cutoffs for a classic summer look. Maybe throw in a fedora for good measure (; Available here from Forever21+

I really like this dress.  It’s got a fun print and I love the color mashing.  I would love to have this dress for summer bbq’s and walking around at the Boardwalk!  It’s available here .

Ok that’s enough dreaming for me today!

What do you think?  What are your spring favorites?

❤ ❤ ❤


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