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Dorothy Perkins Limited Edition

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Dorothy Perkins Limited Edition

I was just browsing through the Dorothy Perkins Limited Edition items and I saw a few lil ditties I wouldn’t mind parading around in this summer. (ya know, if they came in my size)

This dress is really quite adorable!  Unfortunately it wasn’t originally available in my size, and now it’s only available in one size, Small.  But if that’s your size, you can find the dress here

Another adorable summer dress! I love the structure of the dress, especially the pintucks with buttons just below the bust.  This dress is also available in a red variation too!

But alas again, none available in my size.  These two dresses are available up to size UK14, which I don’t understand.  If Dorothy Perkins offers most of their dresses up to s size UK22, then why limit these to a 14?  I understand that these dresses are from the Cutie line, but it makes no sense to me why these lines aren’t offered in the same sizes DP offers.  Not like the world of plus size clothing has ever made much sense, but that doesn’t mean it has stopped making me angry!

Turquoise dress available here, red dress is available here

Yet another floral dress.  Haha I do like this one, I just hoped that there were more dresses that stuck out that weren’t also floral… but alas.  This one has a cute cut, and is simple enough for daily wear.   Again, available only up to size UK14.

Dress can be found here

ok got to mix it up a lil,

This top reminds me of Janelle Monae in the “Tightrope” video.  This one is a little more feminine, with the ruffles.  I can see it tucked in or out, with skinny black pants, and a blazer.  I think it would look great with 50’s rolled hair or all rolled up in a pompadour!

The rest of the Limited Edition Collection can be found here.

Anybody have any favorites from the collection?  Hate it, love it?

Ok next post is going to have to be some edgier clothes after all this flowers and cream! Need some nice summer pop!


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  1. Dorothy Perkins has so many cute things but like you, I’m sized out of them. GAH!


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