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Chopped off the rats nest!

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Looks like after months of putting it off and cultivating my own little mobile rats nest…  I finally realized I would actually have to do something in order for my hair to start looking better…

So after the last rat left for college (rats have a short life span fyi) I decided to clean up.  Actually knowing that I was going to San Francisco for the Janelle Monae/Bruno Mars/ Mayer Hawthorne concert was motivation enough!

I decided to try a new salon.  After bouncing around for years between stylists and a few hit-or-miss home haircuts (that always took FOREVER) I found a woman who worked well with my hair.  Unfortunately she was 30 miles away, and usually was only available on weeknights, after I got off of work.  So I finally decided I was going to try to find a stylist near me.

Long story short, I found a salon that I had meant to try way back when.  The salon had a wild name, and has bio’s of all the stylists on their website so you can pick whoever seems like the best fit for you.

The actual haircut was probably the most uncomfortable haircut I’ve ever had!  It was clear that my stylist wasn’t very happy.  She started out nice (new customer) but it quickly dissolved.  She wasn’t out-and-out mean, but she was very critical of every single thing I said, and had a negative spin on just about everything she said.  This made me VERY nervous.  I kept thinking she was going to screw up my hair… but I just kept trying to be positive.  Eventually I tried to keep the topics on things that she liked, hoping that it would lighten the mood, but that didn’t get too far.

So after an hour and twenty minutes of being terrified that my hair was going to be so jacked and having awkward conversation, it was finally nearing its end… and my hair looked ok!  I must have  sounded surprised when at the end I looked and said “Wow, this looks remarkably similar to the reference pic I brought in!”

I got a layered bob type cut, which works really well with my curly/wavy hair.

changing my name to Strumpelstielskin

time to be "serious"

So…. I like what she did, but now I’m debating whether or not to go back.  The salon is close to where I live, I like the cut, and they’re not too expensive.  But seriously that was such an awkward haircut!  I’ll probably go back, give her the benefit of the doubt.

BTW the concert ROCKED my freakin socks off!!!!

I’m going to do an outfit post and talk more about the show as soon as my boyfriend emails me the pics!

Here’s a pic of my and my cousin that went with me at the show


Not to shabby looking after eating in a humid taqueria and swimming through the hot air in the auditorium!

❤ ❤ ❤


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