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MAHNA MAHNA (or It’s Easy Being Green pt. 2)

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Soooooo guess what came in the mail today!!?

It has something to do with…

Mahna mahna! do dooo do doo do
(now it's stuck in your head!)

click on! (warning pic-heavy)

Today my preorder Muppets Movie arrived! yay!  Not only that, when ordering directly from the Disney Store, all preorders (while supplies last yada yada) come with a collectors set of lithographs from the movie!

I preordered a week or two ago, so I figured they wouldn’t have any left for me, but as luck had it I got my share!

Before I even get to the pics, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, first WHAT THE HECK!!? and second – buy, rent or somehow acquire this movie and watch it immediately!  It’s so great!  Go watch it now even, I’ll wait…

OK!  So here are pics of the lithographs that arrived with my blu-ray copy of The Muppets.

They arrived in a neat folder with Beaker, Animal, Kermit and Miss Piggy on the front.  Look how big it is, I was totally surprised at the size!

quite large!

The inside is covered with cute “signatures” from the Muppet crew, and a pocket to fit the prints.


And the back has a cute pic of Kermie, busted through the folder

Really cute packaging, especially considering the lithographs are free with preorder!

And now for the actual prints!

Walter and Kermit

wocka wocka

Piggy and Kermie

I adore this print!  I love the way Miss Piggy is dressed!

This one is my absolute favorite!  This is where Kermit is singing “Rainbow Connection” at the end of the movie.  Epic. ❤

Ok now go watch some Muppets stuff, or go make a Muppet, talk like a Muppet, whatever, just Muppet!


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