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Happy St. Patrick’s day!  I know I’m late, but I just wasn’t able to get the post up this weekend.


As fate would have it I received my first order of Nerd Lacquer today!

What the heck is Nerd Lacquer you ask?  Click on!

It’s a line of some of the most beautiful nail polishes I’ve seen.  As an added bonus, as the name suggests, it is made for nerds, by nerds. The polishes have names like “Han Shot First” and “It’s Just a Flesh Wound” which just make them all the more awesome in my book!

The polishes are all hand mixed by the owner, Amanda Collier and her crew.  She sells the polishes on her Etsy shop, that can be found by clicking here. Unfortunately even if you are totally sold on them and can’t wait to own them all, chances are it’s going to be hard to get your lil paws on em.  Since they are mixed by hand, they aren’t pumped out like commercial brands.  Her store is relatively new (late 2011) but since then business has exploded for her, as the people realize what amazing polishes she creates. The shop opens after she makes some batches and then closes it when she has enough orders to keep her from sleeping for a month or so.

After stalking her shop for a week or so I was lucky enough to check another store she sells her polish at as it was restocked!  I was able to get a few from Harlow & Co. a store that carries her polish.  When I checked they only had three polishes left, so I jumped on all three quickly!

so yummy

These are the three I got: (from left to right) Cold & Calculating, Purely Logical and Scully

I have to say, these three were not on “the list” of polishes that I wanted from Nerd Lacquer, but after seeing them in person they are so gorgeous!  I totally love them.

I put on “Purely Logical” for St. Patrick’s Day.

in the sun

in the shade

I feel that the shade bottle shot (bottom one) is more true to the polish color.

Here is the product description

Where No Lacquer Has Gone Before series – “Purely Logical” is a brilliant shimmering acid green packed with silver, copper, iridescent, and turquoise glitter, plus copper and turquoise medium hexagonal glitter. Opaque in two coats, or great as a top coat over your favorite green or turquoise lacquer.

The description doesn’t lie!

pay no attention to my drrrrryyyyy fingers and cuticles!

 The top photo was taken in direct sunlight, and the bottom photo was taken in the shade. Both pictures show two coats with a topcoat of Seche Vite.  The copper glitter is more noticeable in the shade picture.  This polish was a great choice for St. Patrick’s day.  It’s got the Paddy’s day green and the copper makes me think of a pot o’ gold.

Application:  I was worried about application since there is so much glitter, and I didn’t know if the base would be thick or runny.  I’m happy to report that it was a dream to apply!  The consistency was perfect, and I had no problem getting lots of glitter on each nail.  I had read about other Etsy store polishes that did not have good suspension with the glitter, but that was not the case here.  The dried finish is surprisingly smooth.  Of course it’s not a completely smooth finish because of all the glitter, but it’s darn close.  All the glitter is laying flat and it is easily given a nice smooth finish with a layer of topcoat.

gratuitous bottle shot

I used two coats of polish with Seche Vite topcoat, and that gave a near opaque finish.  It basically looks opaque, unless you hold your nails up to sunlight.  I think the translucent base is really necessary to show the glitter in the bottom coat through the second coat.  If you want an opaque finish that pops, I think putting down one coat of similar shade underneath before application would work.  Then you’d probably only need one coat and you can stretch your Nerd Lacquer!  I’m three days into my application and so far no chips or peeling, so far, so good!

So this was my first experience with Nerd Lacquer, and I am really impressed.  I can’t wait to try on the other shades I have. (and those that haven’t arrived yet!)

Nerd Lacquer polish is sold (when in stock) at Ninja Polish , Harlow & Co. and of course at Amanda’s Etsy shop Nerd Lacquer


And on the 5th day… it cracked.  The polish lasted until the 5th day, then my pointer finger and middle finger on my right hand chipped. I’m pretty sure I know why.  I always scrape these two nails on my zipper when I zip up my pants.  I am super hard on my nails.  The rest of my nails have very minor wear on the edge of the tips.  My left hand looks almost the same as the day I painted it!

after 5 days of abuse


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