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Just got my new iPhone case today, and I have to say it’s ALGEBRAIC!!!

never said I wasn't a nerd

Follow the jump for a quick review with pics.

I was soo excited when I saw that Cartoon Network had iPhone cases, especially since they have a Beemo one! This was exactly what I was looking for in a case… well except for the price.

The Cartoon Network store has a bunch of Adventure Time products including shirts and junk, things to drink out of, dvd’s, mouse pads…

The phone cases are available for 3/4/ iPhone’s and iPod touch 4th Gen only. My boyfriend really wishes they came for other phones. There are 5 cases, with:

Lumpy Space Princess (she’s talking on the phone)


Finn (his is different in that it is multiple outlines of him over a black background

Jake in Finn’s pocket (with writing that says “Jake’s in here” pointing to the pocket)

and of course Beemo!!

As I mentioned before, the price of the case did not please me. Each case is $39.99! Which seems a bit steep for a cover. Especially when I want ALL OF THEM!

However the case does seem like it does offer a good amount of protection, unlike other cases that look awesome. When I was looking for a phone case I was having trouble deciding between a silicone or a hard cover. But oh my glob, this is both!

The case comes with three parts:

reema teema ting ting

On the left is a black silicone cover. It has openings for the charger, speakers, headphone jack, and the silence switch.

The middle is the Beemo hard shell case that snaps on over the silicone case.

On the right is a screen protector and a screen cleaning cloth.

It was hard to take a pic of my new Beemo iphone case because… well… “Beemo is camera”! haha Soo I made a short video to show it on my phone.

You can view the video on my Tumblr blog here


The different Adventure Time cases can be purchased at the Cartoon Network shop along with a lot of other stuff that will make you wanna give up your money. Beware!!

Disclosure info: I purchased the case myself and was not contacted or paid by Cartoon Network or anybody for my review. Do you want to pay me? haha

Battery low, shutdown


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  1. Just ordered mine!! 🙂


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