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What Time is It?

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Just got my new iPhone case today, and I have to say it’s ALGEBRAIC!!!

never said I wasn't a nerd

Follow the jump for a quick review with pics.

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So Easy Being Green

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Happy St. Patrick’s day!  I know I’m late, but I just wasn’t able to get the post up this weekend.


As fate would have it I received my first order of Nerd Lacquer today!

What the heck is Nerd Lacquer you ask?  Click on! Read the rest of this entry

I dropped my anchor in the dead of night, I packed my suitcase and threw it away

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Yes, that’s what this blog has become.  But no longer!  After getting laid off, you’d think I’d then have endless time to work on this blog and other online pursuits.  Oddly enough, the opposite happened.  I had a lot of time, but I didn’t spend it online.  Now I’ve moved, several things have changed in my life, I’m getting back in balance, and it feels great!

I’ve got a few reviews to post in the coming future, from Domino Dollhouse, Dorothy Perkins, Forever21+, and Nerd Lacquer (nail polish!)

I’m still waiting for my orders to arrive, but when they do this page will be updated!

Have a lovely day!

Summer Fashion Bites

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Just look at this dress!


It’s very sexy and delicious.  It’s got a classic kitten kind of vibe.  Red lipstick, long black gloves, and a whole lot of sass will do this dress up right! Ochre Ponte Pleat neck Dress can be found here and is available up to a UK 22.  Fyi it’s also available in teal, and is on sale for 20% off this weekend.

and while I’m mentioning things I’m lusting over…

check out this scrumptious romper

It’s wayyy too cute.  Also, check out the back.

image from

The cutout back is so adorable.  This little number is an Asos Curve exclusive, and it is available up from size US 16-22 here

I’m also liking this cute dress from Dorothy Perkins.  The cut is really simple, but the print is unique with little pops of color here and there.

   I’d prob try it with blue or black sunglasses and a nice bright pink/purple lipstick like Macs Girl About Town… or somethin like that. 😀

The dress is available up to size UK22 and can be found here


I really want both of these dresses.

I would totally wear both of these with a pair of saddle shoes.

This one I would wear with white round sunglasses and possibly a headband/headscarf.

The blue one is a total Dorothy Gale/ Lolita mashup.  I’d wear it with red round sunglasses and saddle shoes.

Summery and retro!

ok enough dreaming for now….

I”m still alive!

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You may have noticed (or maybe not) that I haven’t been posting recently. I promise good things coming soon! I got a little busy the past few weeks, but thing are steadier now. I have new clothes, summer is starting, and I even started a new painting.

I hope everyone is doing well!

❤ ❤ ❤

icheckmovies, youcheckmovies!

After my last post, I realized that I never even mentioned icheckmovies before!  It’s pretty great, if you like movies that is.

So, the site is pretty simple.  You join for free, then you check off movies that you have seen. Simple!

“Why would I want to go and check off movies I’ve seen, I already know I’ve seen them, I don’t need to show off, this is stupid!”

Because it’s fun!  There are 6 tabs, each tab with several movie lists divided into subcategories.  When you check off movies, you work towards completing the list.  Based on the percentage you check off, you get awards.  The awards don’t actually give you anything, except the joy of knowing that you’re making progress.  There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards.  It is a great site if you really like films and want to see some that come highly recommended.  They are not all art house films either, here is a sampling of some of the lists-

Imdb best of: (these are most main genre’s)

Sci-Fi, Action, 1910’s, – 2010’s, Independent, All-Time Worldwide Box office


Roger Ebert: The Great Movies,  The 1000 Best Movies Ever Made

Prizes: Academy Award Winners, AA Nominees, Cannes, Sundance, Ariel Awards

I’m going to stop there.  There are also AFI movie lists, a Criterion collection list, and numerous others.


You can comment on each movie, “favorite” it “dislike” it or add it to a “watch list” to save for later.  You can even add movies from to just keep track of what you watch.  You can also “friend” people on there, and send messages, talk about movies, whatever.

Let me know if you join, and I’ll friend you!




Something “to help fill the gap (pun intended!)” – Magazines for the thinking lady

Warning: This post is about nudey magazines, and contains links to their websites.  If that is not your cup of tea, please leave before reading on.  Don’t worry, it’s not graphic at all.


I have never ordered nudey mags.  The idea never appealed to me.  However in these modern times a few people with motivation have discovered that yes, the geeks were right and yes some women do like to view sexy men, while still somehow maintaing the ability to think (imagine that!).  Now they are using that knowledge for (possibly) good.

I stumbled upon Filament magazine a little while ago, and I was impressed.  Like I said above, this magazine is aimed towards women -specifically women that are into men.  As far as I know they do not have nude pictures of anything other than men. Regarding the content in the articles, I don’t know how geared towards straight cis-gendered women they are.  All I know as of now is, if you like looking at men, they have you covered.

I have yet to order an issue but the content on their website has me almost convinced that I should be flipping through their pages already.

After discovering Filament magazine, and then discovering that it is a little pricey to get in the US, I began a really lazy (and loosest definition of a) search for another more local magazine that promised similar results.

What I found is Pool Boy Magazine.  I just ordered my first issue.  Now after I did the math, PBM isn’t that much cheaper but the extra cost is mostly for shipping. I also ordered a 2 issue subscription from Filament.  PBM is more local (in the US), hopefully that means my issue will not take as long to arrive so I have something to look at while I wait for Filament to arrive. (;

After looking at the issue content listed on both of the websites I must say that so far Filament seems to have more interesting articles.  Pool Boy seems to have more men I find personally attractive.  Must I really choose between the two?? (:  PBM just published their first issue in Dec 2010, so they still have time to grow.  While I didn’t find all of the men in Filament very attractive, that’s not to say others don’t.  They are definitely good looking, and I haven’t had a chance to look through all the issues, so I can’t officially hold an opinion on that yet.  They do offer a range of different looking men, which I think is a good thing.  Though they differ in their ‘style’, the majority appear to be light skinned and thin-ish.  Hopefully their models diversify over time. A plus with them is that they openly encourage their readers to submit pictures of men they do find attractive, which is great and shows that they only want to please their customers!

Honestly I am more excited about finding a magazine for women with smart articles, that doesn’t make a ridiculous debacle of sex, or define it as basically: something a man does with a woman or something a woman does to please a man.  The openness towards sex is a welcome change for a magazine aimed at women. While I’m not that interested in the pictures, I’ll definitely give them a peek or two. (;

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of both magazines, and plan to provide a brief review of them after they arrive.

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