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So Easy Being Green

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Happy St. Patrick’s day!  I know I’m late, but I just wasn’t able to get the post up this weekend.


As fate would have it I received my first order of Nerd Lacquer today!

What the heck is Nerd Lacquer you ask?  Click on! Read the rest of this entry


Chopped off the rats nest!

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Looks like after months of putting it off and cultivating my own little mobile rats nest…  I finally realized I would actually have to do something in order for my hair to start looking better… Read the rest of this entry

Routine Maintenance Episode 1 – Hair Conditioning Treatments

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So after having a few weeks of “why does my hair suck” and wearing it up everyday, I decided that maybe I should try and re-think my hair care routine.

Onward! Read the rest of this entry